Espadeiro Terra de Asorei

  • Type of wine

    Young red wine
  • Varieties

    100% Espadeiro
  • Designation of origin

    Rías Baixas (Galicia)


A full-bodied, harmonious espadeiro with an elegant finish. Limited, numbered edition of 2.533 bottles.

Wine Description

Espadeiro is one of Galicia’s unique grapes. Adegas Terra de Asorei has undertaken to revive this traditional Salnés Valley vine with a limited production of 2.533 bottles from the 2021 harvest, obtained from vines over 50 years old in Cambados and Padrenda-Meaño.

This is our very own red wine, “blood from the heart of our land”, as put by Galician poet Ramón Cabanillas in his 1917 poem “Facing a Cup of Espadeiro Wine”, where espadeiro is depicted as a “Celtic wine”, ingrained in Galician soul.

Since the 18th century, the espadeiro had been the quintessential variety in the Salnés Valley. Its quality and prestige made it a highly renowned, influential wine in the fields of farming, science and cuisine. Although made in modest quantities, it was more abundant than albariño. From 1960 on, however, it fell into decline due to the low production and its difficult care and winemaking processes.

In reviving one of the great Galician wines, we at Terra de Asorei show our commitment to wine diversity and our loyalty to tradition. With a focus on modernization, our goal is to apply 21st-century vinification techniques and knowledge to produce an authentic, elegant espadeiro.

Tasting Note

  • The Appearance

    Medium-depth garnet colour with a violet rim

  • The Appearance

    High-intensity, dominated by berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry) and light milky (malolactic) and vanilla notes.

  • The Appearance

    With a soft attack, the acidity is well integrated into the alcohol, resulting in a smooth, harmonious, full-bodied wine with a long aftertaste and an elegant finish.