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Brut Terra de Asorei


Terra de Asorei Brut is a graceful, bubbly Albariño explosion.

The quality, juice and acidity of the very first grapes of the harvest are the backbone of this sparkling wine produced with Albariño grapes according to the champenoise method.

An amusement brought to you from Galicia, a first-class brut wine waiting to be discovered.



Quality Sparkling “Brut” Albariño. Playful, fresh and with elegant small bubbles.


Pale yellow and golden color. Clean and brilliant and fine bubbles.


Floral and fruity aromas and hints of bakery and toast.


Well balance in the mouth, fresh and slightly acid, with well-integrated carbonic gas (bubble) and fruity aftertaste.


Type of wine: Quality Sparkling Wine “Brut” Albariño

Grape Variety: Albariño 100%

D.O.: Rías Baixas (Spain).

Subzone: Salnés Valley.

Vinification:Our grapes are picked and fermented. The winemaker then takes the base wine that will be the final sparkling wine. First step is the tirage, yeast and sugars are added to start the second fermentation inside the bottle. The wine is aged on their lees for a period of 9 months. Next step it the disgorging, the bottles are placed upside down into freezing liquid which causes the yeast bits to freeze in the neck of the bottle. The crown cap is then popped off momentarily which allows the frozen chunk of lees to shoot out of the pressurized bottle. And the last is the dosage, a mixture of wine and sugar (called Exposition liqueur) is added to fill bottles and then bottles are corked, wired and labelled.