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Elegant and abreast of the times: our tribute to 21st-century women.

Nai e Señora (“Mother and Lady”) is a young albariño wine. It is produced with 100% albariño grape from the Salnés Valley, with its distinct elegance, structure and salinity, lent to it by the marine influence of the Ría de Arousa sea. It evolves very nicely during its first three years of life. Its label features the silhouette of a woman in a dress with motifs evoking a vineyard in the spring, or in the autumn just before the harvest. The woman stands tall with her ponytail fluttering in the wind, symbolizing her empowerment, and next to her there is a butterfly, embodying her freedom.

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Nai e Señora “sobre lías”

Nai e Señora “on its lees” is an evolution on our Nai albariño. The effect of the lees adds body personality to this albariño, making it rounder and more complex on the nose. Its fascinating evolution on the bottle is proof that time enhances the characteristics of Salnés Valley albariño grape and that it evolves nicely as time goes by, allowing a good wine-tasting experience in the 2nd or 3rd year. Inspired by the freedom of the butterfly in its flight, we audaciously present this Nai albariño in red, hoping to unveil new ways of enjoying this wine.

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Nai e Señora Collection

This wine has been carefully selected for its ageing on account of its characteristics. Aged in oak barrels for three months to enhance its complexity, this age-worthy wine remains faithful to the varietal characteristics of the Salnés Valley albariño grape.

With Nai Collection, we wanted to find other sensibilities. Thanks to its complexity, it evolves naturally and elegantly for five years. This Collection albariño is part of a limited, numbered edition of 1.333 bottles, and it allows for a more comprehensive wine-tasting experience. Our recommendation is to taste it unhurriedly, sitting around a table, with a conversation about the outcome of bringing together albariño grape with oak wood.

Produced with contemporary winemaking techniques combined with traditional oak-barrel ageing, this wine follows in the footsteps of the great albariños produced in our small family wineries, back when albariño was not marketed but stored and saved for major family celebrations. Now, we caringly send this wine out in the world, to be enjoyed in an occasion that is special to you.

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Brut Nai e Señora

In our search for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, we have combined one of the finest grapes in the world, Salnés Valley albariño grape, with one of the highest-quality sparkling wine production processes, the Champenoise method. This combination results in the elegant bubbles of Brut Nai, erupting after 12 to 15 tranquil months of horizontal storage for its second fermentation. Brut Nai is an invitation to discover how complex the albariño grape can be on the nose while having a good balance between sugar and acidity on the palate. The handsome design of the bottle perfectly conveys the elegance of its bubbles. This sparkling wine is the perfect choice to delight in the joy of sharing when you are feeling in harmony.

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