Terra de Asorei

Terra de Asorei is an authentic, truthful albariño that we want to place on par with the most well-renowned wines in the world. Terra de Asorei’s logo is a visual poem, made up of six A’s: Adega (“winery”), Albariño, Authentic, Atlantic Art with Amor (“love”).


Asorei is produced with 100% albariño grape from the Salnés Valley, mainly from small-scale plantations in Cambados.  Cambados, the Capital of Albariño and of the Salnés county, was not only the first location to grow albariño vines, but also the first to start tasting, selling and marketing this wine variety in 1953. Asorei remains true to this heritage, to traditional know-how and to the appreciation for the richness of the albariño grape. We created this fruity, tasty, palatable albariño in the municipality of Cambados to honour the winemaking and wine tasting tradition of this town in the Salnés Valley (Rías Baixas).

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Terra de Asorei

Terra de Asorei is produced with 100% albariño grape from the Salnés Valley, and aged on its lees for 6 months. We work our vines as the sculptor works the stone. Experience, science, soul and humanity are the chisels we use to carve our vines into art made wine: Terra de Asorei. Cambados, the Capital of Albariño, is a land of great sculptors who took Galician wood and stone to the universal art scene, same as we want Terra de Asorei’s authentic albariños to be on par with the most well-renowned wines in the world.

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Terra de Asorei Private Selection

The special attributes of the 2021 harvest in the Salnés Valley allowed us to attain the complexity and the elegant balance of this wine, stemming from a very nice acidity, a good battonage work and 12 months of contact with its lees. After a resting period in the bottle, it was marketed in June 2023, 6.666 numbered bottles.

The Terra de Asorei Private Selection albariño epitomizes the combination of tradition and innovation that defines the fellowship of winemaking families that is our winery. The result is this delightful experience, full of organoleptic nuances.

This Private Selection of Terra de Asorei is patiently and devotedly cared for by Lino Domínguez, Vice Chairman of Adegas Terra de Asorei, and Sofía Vilanova, Head of Oenology and Winemaking.

Xosé Ramón “Roque” Durán, Chairman of Adegas Terra de Asorei, was the one to present to the Plenary Session of the Rías Baixas Regulatory Council the idea to create a new competition that would honour and foster the tradition of bottling albariño 12 months after production, a practice that allows its nuances to evolve throughout the years.

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Terra de Asorei Barrica

Terra de Asorei Barrica is produced with grapes from small-scale plantations in the Salnés Valley (Galicia, Spain). The highly attentive care these grapes receive brings out the varietal character of albariño wine, which we elegantly complement with notes of wood.

This wine is aged in oak barrels for 6 months, as small family wineries in the Salnés Valley used to do up until 1980. We have now revived this tradition and enhanced it with reinfoced knowledge, care and rigour.

Terra de Asorei Barrica is a special, limited edition with less than 2.667 bottles.

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Espadeiro Terra de Asorei

Espadeiro is one of Galicia’s unique grapes. Adegas Terra de Asorei has undertaken to revive this traditional Salnés Valley vine with a limited production of 2.533 bottles from the 2021 harvest, obtained from vines over 50 years old in Cambados and Padrenda-Meaño.

This is our very own red wine, “blood from the heart of our land”, as put by Galician poet Ramón Cabanillas in his 1917 poem “Facing a Cup of Espadeiro Wine”, where espadeiro is depicted as a “Celtic wine”, ingrained in Galician soul.

Since the 18th century, the espadeiro had been the quintessential variety in the Salnés Valley. Its quality and prestige made it a highly renowned, influential wine in the fields of farming, science and cuisine. Although made in modest quantities, it was more abundant than albariño. From 1960 on, however, it fell into decline due to the low production and its difficult care and winemaking processes.

In reviving one of the great Galician wines, we at Terra de Asorei show our commitment to wine diversity and our loyalty to tradition. With a focus on modernization, our goal is to apply 21st-century vinification techniques and knowledge to produce an authentic, elegant espadeiro.

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Brut Terra de Asorei

Terra de Asorei Brut is a graceful, bubbly albariño explosion. It is produced with 100% albariño grape from the Salnés Valley (Rías Baixas) and aged in stacks on its lees for approximately 18 months.

The quality, juice and acidity of the very first grapes of the harvest are the backbone of this sparkling wine produced with albariño grapes according to the champenoise method. An amusement brought to you from Galicia, a first-class brut wine waiting to be discovered.

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Brut Nature Terra de Asorei

The fine bubbles of Brut Nature Terra de Asorei faithfully convey the freshness and authenticity of albariño wine. This is albariño sparkling wine taken to its highest form: made from 100% albariño grape from the Salnés Valley and aged in stacks on its lees for 24 months. Brut Nature Terra de Asorei is a high-quality sparkling wine made with the very first grapes of the harvest, and produced according to the traditional champenoise method. With its superb quality and its genuine albariño flavour, our Nature will amaze those palates that are eager for new wine tasting experiences.

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Terra de Asorei’s logo is a visual poem, made up of six A’s
On the initiative of Xosé Ramón “Roque” Durán, Chairman and CEO of Adegas Terra de Asorei, this fellowship of winemaking families from the Salnés Valley was established in 2008, giving rise to this winery. The six families are now represented on the company's Board of Directors.
Our aim is to produce authentic, high-quality albariño wines while remaining a family business. We intend our wines to be true to the land where they are grown, as European tradition dictates, and we are committed to applying our Galician expertise while, at the same time, adapting to an open and ever-changing world.


Our Winery

Adegas Terra de Asorei is equipped with the latest technological innovations and has an initial production capacity of approximately 400,000 bottles per year. We have 60 hectares of vineyards in the Salnés Valley, within the “Rías Baixas” Designation of Origin (Galicia). All our vines are between 15 and 80 years old, and located within a maximum distance of 15 minutes from the winery.

The fact that we have our own vineyards means that we can control the quality of our albariño throughout the whole process: from the very first stages (the soil, the vines, and the grapes) to its year-round maintenance, the production in our winery and the commercialization of the product.

The entire operation is managed through a specialized traceability monitoring software, which allows us to create our three lines of wine: Terra de Asorei, Nai and 1953 Pazo Torrado.

Today, our albariños can be found in countries all over the world, from the USA (Florida, California, New York, Chicago...) to Japan, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Brazil...