Our vineyards


Humane, sustainable,
socially responsible winegrowing

The families in our group have owned vineyards in different municipalities of the Salnés Valley since the beginning of the 20th century, way before the “Rías Baixas” Designation of Origin was created in Galicia. Thanks to this long-standing experience, we are able to grow, produce and market albariño from a place of knowledge, science and humanity.

During the past few years, we have carefully curated a selection of vines and land plots, and we now own around 60 hectares of vineyards of between 15 and 80 years of age in the Salnés Valley. We practice humane, sustainable, socially responsible winegrowing.

We cultivate our own vineyards, and we practice sustainable, environmentally friendly winegrowing, which means that we control the quality of our albariño throughout the whole process: from the very first stages (the soil, the vines, the grapes) to the year-round maintenance, the manual harvesting, the production in our winery and the commercialization of the product.

The entire operation is managed through a specialized traceability software which monitors our product from the vineyard until the moment the bottles leave our winery. This allows us to differentiate our three lines of wine: Terra de Asorei, Nai and 1953 Pazo Torrado.


Socially Responsible Winegrowing