Terra de asorei

Pazo Torrado

Made using traditional methods, it captures the heart of the Albariño Wine Festival

1953 Pazo Torrado

Pazo Torrado is 100% albariño grape. It is produced in the winery following the traditional winemaking procedures of the Salnés Valley, in the Rías Baixas area (Galicia). It is the albariño that we all know and love: fruity, tasty and palatable. “Pazo” is the name given to traditional Galician stately homes. The Pazo Torrado was built during the second half of the 17th century and, at the beginning of the 21st century, it was repurposed as the headquarters of the Rías Baixas Regulatory Council. It is located in the town of Cambados, where every summer since 1953 awards are bestowed on the finest albariño wines. This is our way of honouring the wine lovers and winemakers who carry this Galician wine in their hearts and who, through the Albariño Wine Festival, have made it international. 1953 comes in two formats: one of them typical of the Galician and European market, and the other more widespread in American and English-speaking countries.

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1953 Brut

The natural attributes and the aromatic richness of Salnés Valley albariño grape inspired us to produce a sparkling wine following the traditional champenoise method. After 10 years of work, during which our oenologist fine-tuned the process to the maximum, we are finally ready to present Brut 1953 Pazo Torrado. Along with other forward-thinking wineries, we are truly excited about the renovation of the albariño industry, and we hope this can incite a new era in the history of albariño. In 1953, in Cambados, the first Albariño Wine Festival was held. This triggered the selling and marketing of albariño wine, which had been carefully safeguarded up until then by the small, family wineries of the Salnés Valley. In 2015, when our winemaking fellowship began producing wine under the label Adegas Terra de Asorei, we decided to mark the occasion by selecting the very first grapes of the harvest, which, after 9 months of ageing in stacks, have now become the basis for this sparkling albariño.

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