Adegas Terra de Asorei


Our logo is a visual poem. These six A’s embody the fearless spirit of our fellowship: Albariño, Authentic, Adega (“winery”), Atlantic Art and Amor (“love”). Six A’s, representing six Salnés Valley families with a long-standing winemaking tradition who came together at the beginning of the 21st century to run this winery as a family business, combining traditional Galician expertise with the will to adapt to an open, ever-changing world.


The Winery

The winery is located in the Salnés Valley, particularly in the city of Meis, the heart of Albariño. We have the best combination of experience and the most innovative technological abilities and our capacity of production is up to 400.000 bottles.

In our 60-hectares vineyard, from 80 to 20 years average old, we pour all our expertise, scientific knowledge and humanity into growing Albariño grape and producing authentic, charismatic, high-quality wines that aspire to become world-renowned.

The vineyards are located in the Salnés Valley, in the Rias Baixas region (Galicia), one of the main tourist areas of Galicia, with a privileged climate of Atlantic influence with mild temperatures and abundance rainfall without excesses. The Salnés Valley is located on the left bank of the estuary of Arousa.

Quality and innovation

To having our vineyards means that we can control the quality of our wine since the grape, the elaboration and the commercialization.
We can assure our efforts on the quality of our wines with these certifications:

  • ISO: Quality Management (9001) and Environmental Management (14001)
  • “Galicia Calidade”: Certificate of Quality

Adegas Terra de Asorei has a professional human team that search for the perfection in the elaboration of our wines and in the service to our clients.

Our aim is the perfect combination of Quality/Price in our wines.

Our winery also offers a wine tourism experience in the 21st-century Galician countryside called “Eira de Asorei”. We want you come and discover us, taste our wines, be moved, and take back home with you a newfound love of Galicia and its culture.

Terra de Asorei’s Albariño wines truly are a part of the Atlantic art tradition.